Download Tentacle

There are several ways to acquire Tentacle. The easiest is to just download and install Tentacle directly from the Bitbucket repository:

(tentacle_env)$  pip install -e hg+

This process is further described in Download and install Tentacle. If this for some reason does not work for you, another possibility is to download a release tarball from our servers and install it using pip:

(tentacle_env)$  wget
(tentacle_env)$  pip install tentacle-0.1.0b.tar.gz

The third option is to download it directly from the Bitbucket repository using your browser of choice.

As a last resort if everything else fails, the entire Bitbucket repository can be cloned and used to install Tentacle without downloading a compressed archive. Clone the repository using Mercurial (hg) like this:

hg clone tentacle

You can then follow the instructions in Download and install Tentacle to install Tentacle from the repository clone.

Tutorial data

To follow the tutorial you need the data referred to by the tutorial instructions. It can be downloaded from here: