Tentacle 0.1 documentation

Authors:Fredrik Boulund, Anders Sjögren, Erik Kristiansson

Welcome! This is the documentation for Tentacle 0.1.1b, last updated Oct 09, 2017.

The documentation is available online at


Tentacle is published as open-source under the GNU Public License (v3) and you are welcome to look at, improve, or come with suggestions for improvement to the code at the project’s Bitbucket page.

Citing Tentacle

If you find Tentacle useful and use it in your research, please cite us!. The framework is described in the following paper:

Boulund, F., Sjögren, A., Kristiansson, E. (2015). Tentacle: distributed gene quantification in metagenomes. GigaScience, 4:40, DOI: 10.1186/s13742-015-0078-1