Customizing modules in Tentacle

Tentacle is constructed using a modular approach making it easy to customize and modify. A common modification or addition to Tentacle could be to add support for an additional mapping software.

Creating/modifying mapper modules

Within the Tentacle folder structure, the mapper modules are located in $TENTACLE_ROOT/tentacle/mappers. If Tentacle was installed using pip into a virtualenv, the mapper modules must be placed (or symlinked) in $TENTACLE_VENV/lib/python2.7/site-packages/tentacle/mappers so that Tentacle can find them. Do not forget to add an import line in the tentacle/mappers/ as well!

Mapper modules inherit from the base mapper class, as seen in the example mapper modules that are provided with Tentacle. To create a new mapper module, copy one of the others, change the filename and modify it to suit your mapper. Make sure that the mapper you want to use is available in your PATH variable.

Another important aspect to consider when adding support for an additional mapper is that there needs to be a parser that can extract the information Tentacle requires from the mapper’s output files. All such parsers are located in the submodule tentacle.parsers. See Parsers.

Generic mapper class for Tentacle

Specific mapper classes for Tentacle

Here is a list of the implemented mapper classes that comes with Tentacle by default.